Florida Administrative Code

The Florida Administrative Code is available from The Division of Elections but requires the use of an MSDN Reader. Portions have been posted by individual agencies or other affected parties in HTML or Adobe format and are linked below.

Chapter1S-1 Rulemaking

Chapter 3D Mortgage Brokers

Chapter 3F Board of Funeral and Cemetary Services.

Chapter 5C-4 Animal Industry.

Chapter 5E-14 Pest Control

Chapters 6A and 6B Department of Education, Searchable

Chapter 9B-60 Florida Building Energy Rating System.

Rules 9J-2, 9J-5 , and 9J-11 Growth Management Rules.

Department of Revenue

Chapter 14-10 Outdoor Advertising

Rule 14-40.004 Plant Selection Policy on DOT R/W's.

Chapters 17 and 18 Dept. of Environmental Protection.

Chapter 19B-4 through 14 Florida Prepaid College Program

Chapter 28-106 Divsion of Administrative Hearings, Decisions Determining Substantial Interests.

Chapter 28-110Bid Protests

Title 33 Department of Corrections, Searchable

Chapter 38-F Division of Workers Compensation.

Chapters 40B, 40C, 40D and 40E Rules of Suwannee, St. Johns, Southwest and South Florida Water Management Districts.

Chapter 44-4 Information Resource Security Policies.

Chapters 60K, 60L, 60M, and 60N Personnel and Career Service Rules

Chapters 61B-15 through 61B-24 Condominium Regulations
Chapters 61B-29 through 61B-35 Mobile Homes
Chapter 61B-37 Time Share Plans
Chapter 61B-38 Time Share Solicitors
Chapter 61B-39 time Share Offering Statements
Chapter 61B-40 Time Share Financial Reporting
Chapter 61B-41 Time Share Penalties
Chapters 61B-75 through 61B-79 Cooperatives
Chapter 61-C Public Lodging and Food Service Establishments
> Chapter 61G-17 Board of Land Surveyors.

Chapter 62-25 Stormwater Rule

Chapters 62, 62B, 62C, 62D, 62N, 62Q, and 62R Department of Environmental Protection.

Department of Health

Chapter 64B-3Clinical Laboratory Personnel
Chapter 64B-7 Massage Therapy
Chapter 64B-8 Electrolysis
Chapter 64B-11 Occupational Therapy
Chapter 64B-13 Optometry
Chapter 64B-16 Pharmacy
Chapter 64B-18 Podiatry
Chapter 64B-19 Psychology
Chapter 64B-23 Medical Physics
Chapter 64E-11 Food Hygene
Chapter 64E-16 Biomedical Waste

Chapter 65-22 Child Care Standards

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